Mini Lingue


PACK: bag 150g with label

DESCRIPTION: a crisp bread leaf. Tasty as a snack, genuine and crunchy as a bread. Tasty recipes made with extra virgin olive oil.
The Classic Line by Storie di Gusto™ is characterized by its simplicity and the essential packaging that enhances our products. Check our tag “Born and Made” that certifies the Italian origin of all our products!

INGREDIENTS: wheat flour, 8% extra virgin olive oil, malt extract, salt, yeast.

May contain traces of sesame, soya, nuts and milk

SERVING SUGGESTION: great to combine with every meal, ham and cheese; ideal as a snack or for your happy hour.

A portion of Minilingue (30g.) brings approx

128 kcal

Equal to 6% of the daily amount

Percent daily values are based on a 2.000 kcal diet

Nutrition Value
100 g
30 g
Energy 1803 kJ
428 kcal
541 kJ
128 kcal
Fat 11 g 3 g
of which Saturated 5 g 1,5 g
Carbohydrated 70 g 21 g
of which Sugars 2,5 g 0,8 g
Dietary Fiber 3,5 g 1 g
Protein 10,5 g 3 g
Salt 2,5 g 0,7 g

May contain traces of sesame, soya, nuts and milk.